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Proposal Submission Guidelines

CINAR allows consortium partners (Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Rutgers University, University of Maine, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, University of Rhode Island, and University of Massachusetts Dartmouth - School for Marine Science and Technology (SMAST), and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) to submit proposals to NOAA through the Cooperative Agreement #NA19OAR4320074. All proposals are submitted through the lead CINAR institution - WHOI. Guidelines for submission of CINAR proposals for both WHOI and partner institutions are outlined under the corresponding sections (see links below). Each institution should follow their own internal proposal guidelines as well as those designated for CINAR.  Please contact Claire Anacreon ( to initiate this process.

Please note that NOAA's Cooperative Institute Program Office has specified a Task I of 3.3% for CINAR for FY2024.

Please notify the CINAR office if you are planning a new proposal. All proposals must be reviewed before a final submission file is created. Completed proposal packages are due to the CINAR office by April 22, 2024.