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About GLOW

At the time of the creation of GLOW, there were no set mechanisms in place to create a student-oriented groups at WHOI. A group of students and some staff worked from 2003-2005 to really get GLOW off the ground and create a sustainable group. GLOW was one of the first student-created groups at WHOI, and has grown into a Woods Hole research community-wide group.

WHOI is an incredibly welcoming institution, but there was no group for support or advice for LGBT students. Inspiration for GLOW came from noticing that LGBT issues were really not recognized at an institutional level, and that there was a need for a WHOI community to voice our perspective, provide a safe and supportive space for colleagues, and be visible for prospective students and employees who were curious about the LGBT presence at WHOI. We have since expanded to welcome students, scientists, and staff of the entire Woods Hole research community.

Some of our first events were a community BBQ, movie nights, and social hours. We continue to look for new and creative events, so if you have any ideas, let us know!

The MIT-WHOI Joint Program joins the MIT and WHOI community through a world-renowned oceanography PhD program. Both MIT and WHOI have a strong tradition of working to build a very welcoming community, making the Joint Program a very welcoming place.