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Community Helpers

Community helpers are volunteers who can assist international visitors with acclimating to life in the Falmouth/Woods Hole area. WHOI sponsors (or their support staff) often introduce the international visitor to the WHOI environment, but life beyond WHOI can be confusing. For information regarding your sponsors responibilities visit the HR website (  Community Helpers will be a friend to new arrivals and their families. These helpers can be a good source of community information, can assist with tours of Woods Hole and Falmouth, with conversation in English, with introductions to local cultural events. This program enables newly-arrived foreign nationals to get settled, to become familiar with the local area and to gain a broader perspective on American customs.

Below is a registry for volunteers and those seeking volunteer assistance.

Are you looking for assistance?

If you are an international visitor who is looking for assistance please click here to request help.

Other WHOI (non International Committee) helpful links:


Public Bus Transportation on Cape Cod: 


Help w/ translation:

Legal and financial advice, daycare, summer camp and elder care info, etc,: or contact Linda Snow (x3763) or Donna Hyman (x3743).

Newcomer guidance: YaWHOI.pdf

Eel Pond on spring morning, Woods Hole
Sandcastles, Woods Hole